To keep your hair jewels' original shinemake sure to avoid any contact with make-up, face and body lotions, hair sprays and fragrances.
Keep your accessories away from chlorine and salted water.
In order to avoid scratches, each accessory should be stored away from direct sunlight and humidity, gently and separately: contact with another accessory could alter its surface.

To clean your accessory and bring out its shine, you may use a drop of liquid soap on a wet microfiber cloth (without running your accessory under water, which could damage the metal parts and the fabric), wipe it gently and dry it thoroughly with a dry soft cloth.


To maintain the silk, you can use talc or “terre de sommière” on greasy stains. Then take a neutral-coloured sheet of absorbing paper, place it over the spot and gently press the low-heated iron over the flat parts to absorb the grease.

Another option, you might also use turpentine or household alcohol over a clean cloth (make sure to squeeze the cloth after soaking it with turpentine or household alcohol to get rid of any excess).

To give shape to the fabric, you can pass a little steam with a steamer or an iron respecting a minimum distance of 20 centimeters, then shape by hand.